Wireframe Portal

An example of three basic portals (cylindrical adventures, spherical travels and office cubicle). The wireframe name comes form the appearance of the portal itself.

A wireframe portal is a species of portal used in the fourth dimension. The portal is opened by using the science theory and can be utilized anywhere without tearing a black hole in a planet's atmosphere. Both the Mutcuf One and the Maua One have the ability to spawn these portals. The equation for opening wireframe portals is quite complex, however it can be performed on a basic calculator. The equations, however, are only found in the fourth dimension - it is unknown to those living in the third dimension, but they are probably challenging.
"To open a wireframe portal in the third dimension, do." ~Neil DeGrasse Tyson



The Mutcuf One spawning a complex wireframe portal

As shown above, there are three general types of wireframe portals. These three are known as cylindrical adventures, spherical travels and office cubicle. These are level one portals, meaning they do not require heavy knowledge of the science theory. However, the highest level of portals (level two) can be in nearly any shape. The Mutcuf One is capable of spawning these types of portals, as shown on the right. After a time (if nothing else enters the portal) the portal will degrade, turning orange-brown before disappearing completely. While degrading, objects can still enter the portal, which is a severe flaw and can completely ruin the thing on the other side if an enemy were to enter.


Portals allow ships to cross massive distances in a matter of nanoseconds. The exits can be hidden, and will only show up when then ship is ready to come out of the portal. A portal-capable ship is also able to deploy portals nearly everywhere when needed. If armed with portal-capable weapons (like the Maua's peanuts), then the user has a great advantage over their opponent.


The only known disadvantage of using a wireframe portal is that in order to transport, the object going in must be shredded apart and recombined after exiting the portal. This can sometimes cause trouble since the object (mainly ships) will not be ready for whatever is on the other side and may be destroyed by ships camping near the exit.

Mutcuf Warp Out

The Mutcuf One coming out of a portal and reforming to its original form

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