True Spoop is one of Maua's highest ranking officials with full control over the planets of the Sühluh Systum. He bases his operations out of Tusmusia, Straya on Earf where he operates a network of biospheres scattered over the island. One of these is known to be his resting spot, where he enters eternal slumber in passing time. Another dome is used to house the Maua One, serving as a hangar.



True Spoop is a Spoop, a protected species on the island of Tusmunia. He is an elder Spoop, therefore he is much taller than the others coming in at 3.717 meters tall. A wicked smile takes up most of his face/body/him, which measures 2.484 meters in height.


True Spoops, like other Spoops, has a glowing body part of some sort. On True Spoop, both his eyes and his smile glow the same color that they are. It is unknown why this mutation occurred, however it does provide a form of night vision when needed.
True Spoop's Lair

True Spoop seen in his opened resting sphere

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