Suhluh Systum

The planets of the Sühluh Systum from left to right: Jopitre, Sutum, Vunus, Mar, Mecra, Earf. (Focusing on Vunus)

The Sühluh Systum (soo-lah sis-tum) is a planetary system consisting of Mecra, Vunus, Earf, Mar, Jopitre, and Sutum. All of these objects revolve around the Süne, the largest mass in the system and the only source of light. The Sühluh Systum bears a resemblance to its third dimension counterpart, the Solar System. However, all of the planetary bodies, with the exception of the Süne (a sphere), are flat circles except for Earf because of the Square Earth dilemma that occurred in the third dimension.    

The Planets

*Pronunciations are provided in the parenthesis after the name.

Mecra (mek-rah)

  • Mecra
  • Vunus
  • Earf
  • Mar
  • Jopitre
  • Satum
Mecra is the first planet in the Sühluh Systum and is the closest to the Süne. It is gray in appearance and has several misshapen craters and lines. It is the smallest planet in the system. Mechanical Assistants once inhabited this planet until Maua arrived and brought them to Earf.

Vunus (vun-us)

Vunus is the second planet closest to the Süne. It is simply a yellow disk with several dark-orange lines showing the atmosphere of the planet. Like Mecra, Mechanical Assistants once lived on the planet.

Earf (urf)

Earf is the third planet closest to the Süne. It is the only planet that is shaped like a square as opposed to the circular disks like the other planets. The planet is home to True Spoop and is now home to Mechanical Assistants. It is essential to the Sühluh Systum since it is now the only planet that supports intelligent life. Maua lives on this planet in Tusmunia, Straya along with the other inhabitants.

Mar (mar)

Mar is the fourth planet from the Süne. It is reddish-orange in appearance and has several large craters.

Jopitre (jop-it-tree or jop-it-tray)

Jopitre is the fifth planet from the Süne. It is the largest of all of the other planets and has gray and orange stripes. It also has a large spot on it, which is not a crater but rather a large storm, a feature unique to only Jopitre.

Sutum (suh-tum)

Sutum is the planet farthest away from the Süne. It is the only planet to have its own set of rings, a feature that gives zero special abilities whatsoever. It is tan in appearance and also has yellow stripes running though the center.

The Süne (pronounced as soon)


The Süne showing its brightness compared to the dark side of the other planets - only the stars light the back of the planets

The Süne is essential for all life on Earf and for keeping the planets in their orbits. It is mostly yellow in appearance with some bright yellow lines, mainly from sun spots and other things. It is very bright, however its light does not reach the dark sides of the other planets. The Süne does not require much gravity to keep the planets in orbit, thanks to their flat shapes and low mass.

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