The MCSP bobbing in its chair in front of the tri-fold monitor

The Mutcuf Computer Simulation Program (also known as Arse Mutcuf according to the Mutcuf One ) is a program the Mutcuf created in order to operate through a larger network of space bases. It appears as a holographic, pulsing gumdrop that floats above a chair in front of a signature Mutcuf triple monitor computer, which is capable of running several thousand bytes of information at once.  



The MCSP learning that the Maua tricked it.

The MCSP is essential for communication with the Mutcuf One and for controlling other things like the Autonomous Base. Because the fourth dimension is big, it is important for MCSPs to control things that the Mutcuf has created. It is also capable of Artificial Intelligence, shown by its ability to read basic words and write those words (example is the diary entry it wrote after being tricked). It can also hack into other systems to learn about things like weapons of enemies, however it can only give approximately four bits of information on said weapon.  
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