The Mutcuf and The Maua (Background Information)

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Episode I thumbnail

The Mutcuf and The Maua is a series of animations based off real life occurrences in the third dimension. All of the events that occur in the first episode (known as The Mutcuf vs. The Maua: Dawn of Garbagé) take place in the fourth dimension, where the Mutcuf and the Maua currently reside. Episode I focuses on the first battle between the Mutcuf and the Maua, or more specifically their flagships, The Mutcuf One and The Maua One. The Mutcuf itself lives in an unknown location, however it is known to own an Autonomous Space Base - a system consisting of a scrap metal shed, a watchtower and a dirt runway floating in an uncharted territory of space. The Mutcuf Computer Simulation Program (MCSP) controls all operations within the autonomous base, including control of the Mutcuf One. The Maua lives somewhere in Tusmunia, Straya on Earf in the Sühluh Systum, where it operates a network of bio domes that it uses to control operations on Earf. True Spoop operates one of the main domes as well as the main space-plane hangar containing the Maua One. The Maua One appears to be much more technologically advanced, however the Mutcuf One is capable of taking scrap, throwing it together and winding up with a product of some sort.  


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