The Mutcuf Autonomous Space Base is a compound used as a remote launching system for the Mutcuf One and for communication. It is contained within an artificial star system (an image taped to a sphere) to give an illusion of space.  

Mutcuf Autonomous Base

A full view of the Mk.I autonomous base, showing the dirt runway, watchtower, and scrap metal shack with its signature drywall roof

Components of the Base

  • The runway consists of a jagged layer of two-dimensional dirt scattered about.
  • The watchtower is where the MCSP controls the Mutcuf One in addition to all other operations of the base including maintenance of the shack, the brick wall protection system and viewing messages from other space things (The Maua).
  • The brick wall is used to protect the shack from a head-on attack if one were to occur. However, when the Mutcuf One takes off it must go through the wall, causing severe damage to the only protection system on the base. No one really knows why this is needed in the first place.
  • The shed is the most important part of the entire base. It houses all of the parts of the Mutcuf One and provides a small amount of protection against outside attacks. The shed consists of two drywall roof pieces reinforced with wooden planks. The sides consist of scrap metal reinforced with wooden planks as well.
  • Artificial star image surrounding the compound
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